Covid-19 Update - Nov 2020

Bruce Shaw have continued to operate throughout the pandemic, ensuring full compliance with Government guidelines.

Whether your building is unsafe, sustains a fire, a flood or storm damage, or simply needs a bit of TLC... we are continuing to provide advice and input for clients. Remember… a stitch in time…

Bruce Shaw has the health and welfare of everyone uppermost in our minds. We have visited many clients’ premises and or homes since the beginning of the first lockdown and we do amend our procedures to suit particular requirements.


This site is designed to provide information about who we are and what we do.

As Chartered Building Surveyors we can provide a variety of property related services, including building inspections, dilapidations, health & safety, architectural and construction related advice.

The What’s New section highlights current issues and provides commentary on news worthy matters.

Under Clients you can view examples of organisations that we have worked with and at Links you can view professional bodies of which we are members.

Bruce Shaw have the necessary skills to advise on historic structures as well as contemporary buildings.